How we are enriching the lives of older Australians

Our story

Our beginning

In 1987, a small group of community members founded a much-needed local transport service for older people. Known then as Caloundra HACC, the organisation received funding from the Federal and State Governments. The office stood directly opposite Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast; a small single room which housed only two staff members and two desks. No computers, no kitchen and certainly no grandiose visions of a Queensland wide health and wellbeing company.

But we went further. We built strong connections with our customers, based on genuine respect and care. We listened and learned about their experiences and challenges, from living independently to staying socially connected.

Our growth

We asked ourselves ‘how can we help people, of any age, go beyond simply living to living and ageing well?’ Inspired by the possibilities, our dedicated team of staff and volunteers came together to reinvent our organisation and our services. We combined our excellence in services, world-class research, knowledge and ambition to create an industry-leading community services organisation. An organisation focused on the big picture and true innovation.

We called ourselves ComLink and went from providing transport services in one suburb on the Sunshine Coast to offering home care, social support and numerous other support services across 11 regions of Queensland.

Our future

We are Comlink Australia, with a legacy of providing community and home care services. We are driven by the mission of delivering trusted, bespoke services that enable our clients to live and age well in their own homes and communities. Our people actively listen to our clients’ needs and aspirations, going above and beyond at every interaction. We aspire to become Australia’s most trusted community and home care provider. Choose wellbeing. Choose community. Choose Comlink Australia.

man in 1987 stands next to community transport bus comlink-team
man in 1987 stands next to community transport bus comlink-team

Our company values

We empower individuals to live a full life in their community, through high quality services delivered in partnership with regional businesses. Our staff provide advice, actively listening and engaging with evidence-based
responses, always considering our clients’ individual needs and aspirations


We all have a voice in the things that matter to us

dedicated personal case managers

We see the world through our clients’ eyes

We do what’s right for the client

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Our clients age best at home

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It’s a privilege to do the work we do

We are always learning

We commit to quality in all things we do

We are accountable to ourselves and each other

Our commitment to Quality

Comlink Australia are committed to putting you, our clients, at the centre of everything we do.  As an aged care provider we are obligated to meet the Australian Government Aged Care Quality Standards that ensure we are demonstrating compliance.

We are dedicated to helping people age and live well in their own homes and communities. Our commitment to providing quality services to the community is guided by our company values. Our attitude of “It’s not how things are, it’s how much better they can be;” means as industry leaders, we use an innovative approach to develop solutions that benefit the entire community and influence policy.

Our organisation takes our role as care providers seriously and we welcome all feedback as an opportunity to live up to our commitment. If you would like to provide feedback to Comlink Australia regarding any of our services please visit the Contact us page to phone or submit your message.

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