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Ask an Expert – How You Can Access Care Services

January 24, 2019
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You asked and we listened! We teamed up with our Be Care Expert for a chat to answer common questions relating to accessing entry level in home care.

My Aged Care (MAC) is the Australian Government centralised information centre which assists older people who are awaiting access to services. There are a range of services, which include in home services, short term assistance, or placement into a residential care facility depending upon your needs.

For those wishing to remain independent in their own home, the following in home services may be available to you:

  • Personal care includes assistance with dressing, hygiene, showering and general mobility.
  • Transport provides help with making it to your medical appointments, as well as movement from location to location when required.
  • Domestic assistance provides help with your household chores. Vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping are just a few examples.
  • Social support provides assistance to ensure that you stay connected (or reconnect) to your community.
  • Meal preparation includes assistance preparing and cooking meals in your home.
  • Respite is also included which is an opportunity for caregivers who need a moment to step away to care for themselves.


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Who is eligible for entry level in home care?

Eligibility for entry level in home care is based on the following criteria:

  • Difficulty performing the tasks of daily living without any help or assistance.
  • Requiring support to live independently within your home.
  • Meeting the age requirements.
  • To qualify for in home services, you must be 65+ in age, be 50+ years of age if you are Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander, or 45+ years of age if you have income difficulties and are at risk of homelessness if you are Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander.

What are the costs of My Aged Care?

The government subsidises many of the in home services offered by MAC to keep them as affordable as possible.

Different types of care, and different service providers, have varied costs, depending on your individual circumstances. If eligible, you are expected to contribute to your care costs when possible.

For a closer look at possible cost expectations, the MAC website,, offers several links which look at the potential scenarios you might face.

Financial hardship assistance is also available for those who have difficulty paying their fees and payments for reasons that are beyond their control.

What is the assessment process for My Aged Care?

Each person who requests services through MAC is assessed to determine the level of care which is required. This process begins with a short telephone conversation.

You will be asked a series of questions to determine if you qualify to receive funded services. If you are eligible, the assessor will work to establish which funded services will best serve your personal and individual needs.

After the initial assessment concludes, arrangements are made for someone from RAS (the Regional Assessment Team) to come to your home. They will meet you face to face to conduct a more comprehensive assessment.

The assessor from RAS will determine your final assessment outcome. Your request for in home care will either be approved or declined based on the outcome of the assessment.

Upon approval, you will have the option to select the provider of your choice. The RAS assessor then contacts your chosen provider, and your services may begin soon after.

How do I get started?

At Be, we understand that some people find this a daunting process. We will help you navigate your way through the MAC process quickly and efficiently. Contact our office today at 1300 761 011 or visit our Home and Social Support page and fill out the form.

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