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How A Charity Won Business Of The Year

April 26, 2017
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Last November, ComLink won the overall award for being the highest scoring business across all categories at the 21st Sunshine Coast Awards. This was a huge win for us, especially given the fierce competition on the night. The ComLink team said they were extremely proud and even surprised by the win, due to the fact that ComLink is a non-profit organisation.

Celebrating the organisation’s achievements, they explain, “three years ago we had about 20 paid staff, 140 volunteers and 15 vehicles. We now have 125 paid staff, over 230 volunteers and a fleet of 50 vehicles.”

In congratulating the winners, Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson added, “Once again it is fantastic to see first-hand the high calibre, innovative and progressive business community we have here on our Sunshine Coast.”

Overall it was a great night filled with entertainment and inspiration. Winning the Sunshine Coast Business of the Year is no small feat, and ComLink plans to use their victory as a measure of where to steer their ship into the future.

In further explaining ComLink’s business model, the team stated, “It’s not so much about standing out, it’s simply how we approach our business. We’re not for profit, and we receive funding; if we just aimed at meeting targets we’re given we would simply be surviving. We work on a sustainable growth, social enterprise model. We work to exceed our funded targets to give our funding bodies the best value for money.”

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