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Dreams Come True

August 7, 2017
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When HR Manager Tammie Guy called Bruce into her office to discuss ‘client feedback’, Bruce had no idea that the entire Sunshine Coast and Head Office team were gathering outside her door to witness Bruce’s surprise promotion. While it’s true that people go to work for money, what makes them go the extra mile is recognition and praise. ComLink knows how to make their staff feel like rockstars by rewarding them in the most exciting ways possible. It’s true that there’s no better way to be promoted than the ComLink way.

Bruce fell in love with ComLink when he began as a volunteer driver back in 2014. ‘Work used to be something you’d dread, but not here. With ComLink you can’t wait to go to work,’ said Bruce. After spending years in less supportive environments, working for a place like ComLink is a dream come true. ComLink’s model of creating a happy atmosphere isn’t an accident. If it was, it would be contained to just one office, but the famed ‘ComLink culture’ is felt across the regional offices too. ComLink creates an environment that allows people to perform at their highest, and it rewards those who embody the ComLink spirit.

On March 29th, Cyclone Debbie was close and the office was in a frenzy. When the announcement came to close for the day, the schedulers rushed to the phones to call their clients. For Bruce Robertson it was too late – he was already on his way with clients to Brisbane, and there was no turning around now.

ComLink’s Management team knew that Bruce and his client’s safety were paramount and due to his stellar track record, they knew he could be trusted. In the end, Bruce’s quick-wit ensured a safe arrival for all. With Bruce’s heroism now famous, and the recent explosion of Growth Funding, his dreams of full-time employment were about to come true. For ComLink, this was more than just a promotion, it was an opportunity to have fun.

“While it’s true that people go to work for money, what makes them go the extra mile is recognition and praise.”

Bruce was nervous. Why did HR want to discuss ‘client feedback’? As Bruce explained himself, he had no idea that everyone was secretly gathering outside the door. Everyone cheered as the doors opened – making her way from within the crowd, ComLink’s CEO Feda Adra had a gift for him. Tucked inside an engagement ring box was a car key, to symbolize ComLink’s proposal. ‘Will you be my Full-Time driver?’ Feda asked on one knee. With The Golden Girls theme-song ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’ playing in the background, Bruce shouted “YEAH!” as he pumped his fists into the air.

Bruce’s triumph is just one in a series of stories that makes ComLink the exciting work environment that it is. Not only is Bruce a superhero, but he’s also a role-model for the rest of us. As ComLink continues to grow, who knows what opportunities lie in store for the rest of us?

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