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Illma Anzac on her 101st Birthday

April 30, 2020
lady celebrating her 101st birthday

Illma Anzac Jeffs celebrated her 101st birthday last week and when Be phoned to wish her happy birthday, her daughter Alva shared some wonderful stories about her mother; including the story behind her middle name being Anzac.

Illma was born on ANZAC Day in 1919 and like a number of wartime parents across Australia and New Zealand, Illma’s parents felt great pride and patriotism to give their daughter the middle name of Anzac. This was a popular tradition at the time and even more special that Illma shares her date of birth with the day Australian’s and New Zealander’s come together to commemorate those who have served in time of war and in war-like conflicts.

This year Illma celebrated her birthday unlike any other year, in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak. Her daughter Alva shared how delighted Illma was to still see her family on her birthday, albeit through her unit window from a safe distance as they waved and wished her well. “Mum enjoyed mud cake and prawns, her favourite foods” Alva said. And whilst suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and sometimes unaware of all that is happening around her, Illma shared many smiles and joy with her family on her 101st birthday.

In her extraordinary lifetime Illma is the proud mother to two daughters, four grandchildren, ten great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren! “No matter her age, mum still enjoys spending time gardening and keeps her hands busy making mats from recycled material from the opshop,” her daughter Alva shares.

We wish Illma the happiest of birthdays from the Be Family!

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