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Keeping our clients safe – COVID Update

January 21, 2021

Comlink Australia takes the Wellbeing Health and Safety (WHS) of our team members and clients very seriously. We are working to protect our clients during the current spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we have introduced additional measures of protection that are aligned with the QLD government and Dept of health recommendations and guidance.

As an aged care and health and wellbeing organisation providing community transport solutions to thousands of clients, we recognise that our clients and team members are more susceptible to the illness. Rest assured Comlink Australia have taken a proactive approach to WHS and in response to the Coronavirus we continue to regularly review our WHS procedures plans.

Whilst Australia does not have widespread community transmission of COVID-19, we recognise the importance of being proactive and organised in the way we approach our care and community services to clients to ensure that our operations are safe to reduce as much risk as we are able.

We recognise that the COVID illness is ever evolving and changing as is the way it is managed. As such we are continuously reviewing and updating our COVID management and response plan that outlines how Comlink Australiawill approach and manage COVID health risks to our clients, and our team members.


What does this mean for Comlink Australia Clients?

We are required to follow all advice and directive of the QLD Government and Dept. of Health. This may mean that at times our services may have adjustment as the COVID environment changes. As of 1am 21st of January, all of our usual services are all active throughout QLD with the recommended social distancing and COVID screening processes that we ask all clients and team members to complete as part of our COVID management plan and precautions.


Will transport services be affected?

Due to the advice and direction from the QLD Government and Dept of health, restrictions will be lifted as of 1am 21st January 2021 for Greater Brisbane. This will mean that all Comlink Australia support services will be available as per usual with the relevant COVID social distancing and screening questions.

If you are concerned about any of the Comlink Australia COVID management requirements as part of your service provision, please contact your Comlink Australia Regional Office or call 1300 761 011.


What does this mean for Comlink Australia team members?

Team members continue to uphold high levels of thorough and consistent personal hygiene habits, including regular hand hygiene, wearing masks and gloves as required, regular cleaning and sanitation of vehicles and equipment.

Comlink Australia team members and clients have been advised that if they may be ill to follow standard health protocols and seek medical advice and not attend work or access our services.

Comlink Australia continue to closely monitor and follow the advice from the Department of Health. For now, we encourage you to monitor your own health and follow the advice of Department of Health and updates from official sources. In addition, we ask that you work with us and respect our COVID processes as we are all doing our bit to keep our community and the Comlink Australia family safe and healthy.

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