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Local tribute to generations of ANZAC’s

April 20, 2021

Each year on ANZAC Day, Australians come together to pay respects and remember those who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. In a tradition that began over a century ago, passing down the legacy of commemorating ANZAC Day represents something different to each and every one of us. But one thing remains certain, the ANZAC spirit is felt by all Australians when reflecting on our war history on April 25.

Berneice Mortimer is a lifestyle coordinator at Be and has shared her deep connection to commemorating ANZAC Day each year. “ANZAC Day is an important time of year for myself and my family as we pay respects to my grandfather who served two tours in Egypt as well as acknowledge the commitment and service of both my husband and son who have both served in the Australian Navy,” said Berneice.

Berneice herself has worked for the Department of Defence in Canberra for a decade in a variety of roles. She even received an Australia Day Achievement Medallion for her efforts, but she remains incredibly humble and assures she was only doing her job.

Not only has Berneice’s husband Frank, served in the Australian Navy, her son Shawn continues to serve in the Australian Navy for the last 23 years. “Shawn has worked hard, studied as a marine engineer and is now a Lieutenant serving on the HMAS Supply,” Berneice said.

We are so very privileged to be here, for our freedom and all we have today that our ANZAC’s have fought for. My grandfather gave so much, not only physically but emotionally for our country. shared Berneice.

Anzac remembrance

Berneice’s grandfather was a Rat of Tobruk, serving in the 6th and then the 10th Battalion in Egypt. He returned from the war with major shrapnel injuries resulting in having both of his legs amputated. At this time Berneice moved in with her grandparents offering assistance and support whilst her grandmother cared for her grandfather. “I could see that my grandfather’s injuries were much more than just physical. He saw so much during his service and lost too many mates. And for that I pay my respects to all the diggers who have served throughout history as they have given us so much,” said Berneice.

“I was honoured to mark ANZAC Day 2021 with our Kawana Companions through reciting The Ode, Gordon Porker playing the bag and our wonderful volunteer Jane Warwick crafting a tribute with her poppy rug,” added Berneice.

This ANZAC Day Berneice and her husband Frank will volunteer their time to transport and accompany Be clients to the Cotton Tree Dawn Service to take a moment to reflect on the many different meanings of ANZAC Day and how those who served, through incredible sacrifice, have helped shape our country into the great place it is today.


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