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North Queensland team proudly celebrate Aged Care Employee Day

August 5, 2021
Townsville community team

Aged Care Employee Day 2021 celebrates the incredible team of people that all work tirelessly everyday to support our ageing community. Once again this year we are saying “Thanks for Caring”. From all the managers, Board, and executive we say a big heartfelt thanks for caring. From our personal carers, drivers, domestic assistants, social support team, central services, shared services, volunteers and everyone in-between; we see you, and we say thanks for caring.

Shinning a spotlight on our North Queensland team you can’t help but feel the positive energy they bring to work each and every single day. Kathryn Konidis, Townsville Community Coordinator said “honestly we love what we do! To see the look on a clients face when we take them along to a social event, or when they participate in an Ageless Grace session or share some laughs with our drivers; it makes all the hard work worth while.”

Kathrin is very proud of her team in Townsville sharing “my team are the best! But I am a bit biased. I have a dedicated and hard working team. We have created an environment where we love to come to work and make a difference to our clients lives.”

The Townsville team have been busy implementing a wide range of local based social support activities keeping clients connected to the community. Most recently the team have created a Centre Based Respite program, partnering with Ignatius Park College to deliver a weekly program of fun and engaging activities between Be clients and the high school students.

“The Program has come along way and it is truly rewarding to see two different generations come together and create lasting friendships. The weekly activities are designed to find a shared connection between the students and Be clients through activities that ignite conversations, share a laugh and create value to each individual,” said Mrs Konidis.

Aged Care Employee Day takes place on Saturday 7th August.

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