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August 8, 2019
a group of Be volunteers standing outside

In light of Aged Care Employee Day we saw it fit to have a party for our people.

We have so many unsung hero’s amongst us at ComLink and we want to share and celebrate their amazingness. Every employee at ComLink has something to offer and more importantly, something that makes them unique.

From the care workers, home support workers and coordinators, to the drivers, the volunteers, and administration teams – we say thank you to each and every team member involved in supporting and caring for older Australians and being an integral part of our ‘family’.

So, in true party spirit we had cake and a delicious spread of food, cute ‘thank you’ gifts, awards and certificates, hugs all round, and exchanged lots of kind words and laughter.

As part of the celebrations, we presented our ‘Linkies’ awards to three outstanding employees:

Tammie Guy
ComLink Culture Award

Take the floods in Townsville, knowing that staff were not able to jump in and help Tammie called every care client in her own time to check on them. She made sure that every single one of our clients were accounted for, received what they needed and were safe. Tammie supported the Townsville team above and beyond. As a Senior Manager she is not only a manager but a true leader. She was one of the first to roll her sleeves up and put on those rubber gloves and face masks and help in whatever she could. This was a hot and dirty job that some people might avoid. But not Tammie, she was sweating Comlink. Tammie is an amazing leader, that is fair but firm and is always there for coordinators to support them in whatever way she can. She deserves to be recognised and celebrated.

Louise Corner
ComLink Culture Award

Louise is amazing in her role as a Care Support Officer, not just attending to clients but care staff as well. We love her cheery, bubbly and positive personality. She brings joy to the office and she is always helpful, and nothing is too much trouble. She loves and lives the ComLink culture. We feel that Louise is an asset to ComLink not only because of these attributes but also because of her knowledge and competencies.

Greg Thomas
ComLink Customer Service & Outstanding Achievement Award

Greg is a valuable asset to the Sunshine Coast team and is genuinely well liked and respected by his immediate team, his colleges and his clients. Greg’s official title is Drivers Team Leader and he does an outstanding job supporting the drivers and volunteers in their everyday duties. Greg is polite, friendly and engaging and he takes the time to listen to concern and gives thoughtful considered solutions to any issues that arise. He spends a considerable amount of time recruiting volunteers and taking the time to ensure that they have everything they need and feel comfortable to commence their roles. Where Greg really excels is in his management and coordination of the Sunshine Coast fleet. We cannot speak highly enough of his dedication and commitment to keeping our fleet on the road and our vehicles in tip top condition. He liaises with the Fleet Manager and ensures that services are on time, repairs and maintenance are done in a timely manner and quotes are organised and the safety and comfort of the client’s drivers and volunteers is paramount. You will often find Greg working before or after his 8:30 to 4:30 hours. Nothing you ask of Greg is ever too much trouble. Greg epitomises customer service and ComLink culture in everything he does inside and even outside of work. We have also discovered that Greg has recently recruited a CVS Volunteer a lady from his neighbourhood dog park who he walks his dog with every morning. We love Greg!

While formal recognition is important (and a great excuse for celebration), there are lots of other ways to show gratitude every day of the year in ways of quality time, words of affirmation and acts of service. We aim to show every worker that they count every day!

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