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‘These Hands’ have incredible stories to share

July 6, 2021
care workers and elderly couple photograph mark and flocy

These hands have helped care for children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. These hands have worked a lifetime. These hands have courage and wisdom. And in a series of photographs and interviews, these hands have some incredible stories to share. 

The ‘These Hand’s project has been introduced to a handful of Townsville Home Care clients by Be Care Coordinator Louise Mundy-Doosjen. Inspired by a friend of hers capturing photos, Louise felt compelled to adapt the project for her clients and tell their stories. “I absolutely loved listening to our clients share their stories. It was quite a challenge to reduce their stories into half-a-dozen lines but we managed to capture their incredible stories with a thoughtful black and white photo of their hands placed into a frame,” said Louise.  

art project black and white photo
“These hands have held my beautiful wife’s hands for 59 years”

“The ‘These Hands’ project has achieved so much more than I could have even imagined,” shared Louise. “Listening to clients share each of their unique life stories has reminded them of some of the remarkable things they have done throughout their lives and just how resilient they truly are,” continues Louise. 

One of the most moving moments was when Louise from Be returned to Mark and Flocy’s home with the completed framed photographs to present to them. Mark and Flocy’s daughter Lisa was there at the time and was moved to tears. She shared “I am so moved by the gesture and it is such a special memento to have. I had no idea Dad shared such heartfelt words,” said Lisa. 

Since being a part of the ‘These Hands’ project, care client Rita has felt a great sense of pride showing off her picture.  

art project black and white photo
“These hands have worked on a fishing trawler….These hands can’t swim”

“The project allowed our team to create even greater connections with our clients. Each time either myself or a team member visits Rita, she takes so much delight in showing off her ‘These Hands’ portrait. I am very humbled that we have been able to create this meaningful project,” said Louise. 

Far beyond creating pride and a sense of achievement, these kinds of Reminiscence activities provide a wealth of benefits to people living with dementia. Activities focusing on reminiscence can help improve mood and wellbeing, and promotes social inclusion. Read more about that here. 

Each wrinkle, every line and blemish represent a unique journey with a story worth telling. Each and every one of our clients have lived remarkable lives and they have so much to be proud of. The ‘These Hands’ project, created for ageing clients, offers the opportunity to reflect, share and be proud of one’s incredible lifetime. 

art project black and white photoelderly woman with photograph

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