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Volunteers supporting older adults experiencing loneliness

May 10, 2021
Janny MacDonald

The success of Be’s client companionship program is largely thanks to the incredible group of volunteers dedicated to offering support, companionship and commitment to clients experiencing loneliness. This National Volunteer Week we want to give a special shout-out and thanks to our volunteers taking part in this program.

Janny MacDonald is just one of our incredible volunteers part of Be’s companionship program and has been creating friendships and support through the program for four years. Janny’s history with volunteering stretches back further than her commitment to Be; Janny has been volunteering in the community for 22 years.

“When I retired, I felt I like there was only so much I could do around the house and I decided I could offer more by volunteering,” said Janny. Janny was introduced to Be by one of her friends, who is also a volunteer for Be.

Janny humbly appreciates the impact her role as a volunteer has on clients plus the benefits she personally experiences. “Volunteering has changed my life and I can see our clients feel the same. Clients are always very grateful, sometimes I am the only person they have seen for a week or more. Their smiling faces say it all,” said Janny.

One of Janny’s clients, Gwen, is 101 years old and thoroughly enjoys her visit with Janny on a regular basis. Gwen lives alone and each time her and Janny get together there are always plenty of smiles and laughs. Janny said “Gwen is an amazing lady who loves to talk, we will never run out of subjects. It’s nice to know I’m making a difference and I can see that each time I visit with Gwen.”

Happy National Volunteer Week to Janny and all of our Community Visitor Scheme volunteers.

Gwen and Janny

Volunteer with Be

Do you want to feel good and make a difference in your community? We are currently on the lookout for volunteers to help with our care and social services. Volunteering is flexible and starting is easy. Get in touch with us on 1300 785 227 or learn more about volunteering with Be.

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