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Welcome to Comlink Australia – a message from our CEO

March 14, 2022
Liam Mayo

Welcome to Comlink Australia!

It is now a year since I became your CEO, and I’m excited to announce something we have been working on for over the last 12 months, and something you have all been waiting for… our rebrand from Be to Comlink Australia! Before I explain the new look and feel, let me first start by discussing why we undertook this important re-brand.

There were four key reasons:

  1. Your Feedback – from you our clients and our people to return to the “old ComLink”.
  2. Our Legacy – our first name carries more than 30 years of heritage linking older Australians to their communities.
  3. Our Future – to leverage our provenance on our name to reinforce who we are by enriching the lives of older Australians across regional and remote communities, and
  4. By Leading – to harness the collective voice by listening, learning, and responding with intent to our sector, our clients, and our people.

Our brand is our beating heart for all we do. A guiding principle for ensuring we continue to enrich the lives of older Australians. To ensure we do this, let me explain our new vision, mission, and what our new name and logo means.

Our Vision is for Comlink Australia, “To be Australia’s most trusted community and home care provider” to support our growth by being accessible and accountable to our clients and communities by leveraging our legacy in the industry.

Our Mission is for Comlink Australia, “To deliver trusted, bespoke services, supporting our clients to live and aged well in their own homes and communities” by reinforcing our values, purpose, and image.

To ensure we follow our vision and mission, we will empower individuals to live a full life in their community, through high quality services delivered in partnership with regional businesses. Our team will provide advice, actively listen, and engage with evidence-based responses, always considering our clients’ individual needs and aspirations.

Our Logo is a graphic expression of our name, Comlink Australia with the dots around the letter ‘O’ reminiscent of our country’s indigenous art and culture, and representing our intent to link our sector, our clients, and our people through dignifying choices that enable wellbeing.

While our name is changing, I can assure you that your services under Be will remain the same under Comlink Australia.  Over the coming weeks, you will start to see some changes. These will include new uniforms for our people (which I’m sure you will all love!), a new look for our vehicles and new ways of answering our telephones.

Thank you for being part of this exiting rebrand to Comlink Australia and together enriching the lives of older Australians.

With Warm Regards,

Liam Mayo

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Our Mission

To deliver trusted, bespoke services, supporting our clients to live and aged well in their own homes and communities.