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What is our story?

July 2, 2019
a pile of old portraits

If you go down to the wood today …

What is the earliest story you remember, and where did you hear it or read it? Were there pictures, either on paper or in your imagination, or both? How much detail can you remember? How did it make you feel?

There is no culture on the planet which does not tell stories – they seem to be one of the things that make us human. In a way, we are made of stories: I am the sum total of the stories I tell myself about myself, and the stories I hear from the world about myself: I am this kind of person, I have these views and tastes, I relate to others in this way.

Be not only has a history, it is a story. Our story is composed of the thousands of stories we tell ourselves about our services, people and relationships, and most importantly, our clients. And we are setting out to record these stories, in one way or another. Be staff are either gathering stories or pointing us to people who may wish to share their stories, and this work is channelled through the new position of Innovator in Residence. So, if you have a story, or know a story teller, get in touch. Let’s make our story available to friends and families, let’s celebrate the Be Story!

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