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What’s in a name?

July 23, 2020

A new vision

We are moving into an exciting future. To guide us into this future, we decided we needed a new identity. One that will better communicate who we are, allow us to be adaptable, give us the flexibility to provide new services and expand our contribution while staying true to our core values and principles. We have decided that it’s time to say ‘thank you and goodbye’ to ComLink. It is time for us to become Be.

Why are we changing the name of the organisation?

The name ‘ComLink’ was developed when we were a community transport company, but today we have evolved into a vibrant community organisation focused on leading the way in health and wellbeing and assisting people to age and live well. Our new name will better communicate who we are, be adaptable and give us the flexibility to provide new services to help support our clients.  There has also been some confusion around the name ComLink. People often mistook us for a government organisation, or thought we were a computer or communications company. So, our new brand will help us better tell our story and let people know who we are, and who we want to be.

Why did we choose the name Be?

Be’s strength is that there is always an intent, action or a result associated with it. It’s present for the here and now. Be: together, Be: yourself, Be: connected, Be: here, Be: home. Be: informed. Be: happy. It has a wonderful sense of optimism and speaks to consumer control, choice and independence. And this name speaks to the flexibility of our business model to be whatever we want it to ‘Be’. We hope you agree that it better reflects our commitment to putting you at the centre of everything we do. This name also better represents who we are and strengthens our vision; Making lives the best they can Be.

What isn’t changing

While our identity is changing, our approach to becoming Be is business as usual, or better! We are still the same organisation, with the same people and the same amazing service. This is a purely cosmetic change to help us better communicate our purpose and our promise to you. Be will continue to be an independent, not-for-profit company delivering CHSP-funded and Home Care Package services across Queensland.

Be is bright, playful and all about the here and now. Our goal is to help you to Be: connected, Be: independent, and Be: social.

What to look out for

Over the coming weeks, you will start to see some changes. These will include new uniforms for our staff, a new look for our vehicles and new ways of answering our telephones.

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