Support services available

  •  Comprehensive assessments
  •  Post-hospitalisation care
  •  Wound care
  •  Medication management
  •  Dementia care
  •  Chronic disease management
  •  Continence and catheter support
  •  Rehabilitation
  •  Health education
  •  Palliative care

More than care

Our dedicated nursing team is committed to your health and wellbeing. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you or your loved ones are in safe hands with one of our experienced and friendly nursing staff.  You’ll get the specialist nursing support you need from someone you can trust in the place you feel most comfortable – your own home.

How can I access services with Comlink Australia?

Recognising you need a little help and reaching out for it can be daunting. We simplify the requirements and bring the opportunities to you, making the whole process a lot easier.

To access our services, you will need to be registered and assessed by the Australian Government’s centralised contact centre known as My Aged Care. If you are not currently registered, we can help you through this process. Call Comlink Australia today on 1300 761 011 to speak to one of our friendly staff, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Register for My Aged Care 

Call us on 1300 761 011

3 easy steps

  1. Recognise you need assistance
  2. Register with My Aged Care with the help of our friendly staff
  3. Join the Comlink Australia family and find the right assistance to suit your needs