Why choose a Home Care Package with Comlink Australia?

Support Freedom

Freedom, flexibility and choice

With Comlink Australia, we make sure our services are tailored to meet your individual goals, preferences and needs.


Dedicated case managers

Your dedicated case manager is available to respond to your needs promptly.

Aged Care Support

Flexible support for your needs

Experienced staff to assist you with your individualised supports that are flexible and move with your changing needs.

Friendly Drivers

Familiar faces with warm smiles

Comlink Australia make an effort to ensure consistency in the staff that come to your home so that you’re seeing familiar faces.

dedicated personal case managers

Care, trust and companionship

Take comfort knowing you have people you know and trust to help you around the house so you can remain independent.

People you look forward to seeing

Our staff genuinely want to help, so it’s no wonder that 100% of surveyed clients said they felt that Comlink Australia staff treated them with respect.

How does a Home Care Package work?

There are four levels of Home Care Packages to meet a person’s specific care needs, including personal care, support services, transport, clinical care and allied health services. The four levels of a Home Care Packages include:

Level 1

Basic care

Services for basic care are suited for those who require short term help at home, for example after a setback (e.g. a fall). Clients on level one where HCP budget is fully allocated can access additional episodic or short term Allied health, Therapy or Nursing services. They can also access additional planned respite services, as well as additional CHSP services on an emergency or short term basis.

Level 2

Low-level care

Services for low-level home care are suited for those who require regular assistance and support at home. Regular support services are available across social, physical, medical, psychological as well as low level complex vulnerabilities.

Level 3

Intermediate care

Services for intermediate-care are suited for those who require frequent assistance and support at home. Frequent support services are available across social, physical, medical, psychological as well as moderate level complex vulnerabilities.

Level 4

High-level care

Services for high-level care are suited for those who require full-term assistance and support at home. Full-term support services are available across social, physical, medical, psychological as well as high level complex vulnerabilities.

Calculate the perfect Home Care Package for you

Want to know how much your home care package may cost? Choose the level of care you require and the services you need, and we’ll give you an upfront cost estimate.


Available services


Health promotion to injury prevention, and rehabilitation by means of massage, heat treatment and exercise.

Occupational Therapy

Aids to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life.


Treatment, prevention and management of diseases, defects and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb.

Exercise Therapy

A plan of physical activities designed and prescribed for specific therapeutic goals to assist in the restoration of physical function.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves a trained therapist manipulating the body’s soft tissues to improve health and wellbeing.

Speech Therapy

Treatment to assist people who may have barriers in their communication skills or difficulty with swallowing solid foods.

Wound Care

Clinical care services that provide assistance in the repair of physical damage to the body’s skin or mucous membrane.

Medication Assistance

Assistance with administering your prescribed medication, safely and effectively.

Catheter Care

Assistance with catheter management, including monitoring urine output, and cleaning or replacing catheter equipment.

Diabetes Management

Provide assistance to manage your diabetes including training, monitoring and identifying the warning signs.

Enteral Feeding

Assistance with enteral feeding, when normal food consumption via the mouth is not possible.


Providing assistance to you to ensure your floors are cleaned to the hygienic level you require.


Ensuring your wet areas are cleaned appropriately using hot water and cleaning products.

Cleaning Bathrooms

Providing assistance to ensure your bathroom and toilet areas are cleaned to the hygienic standard you require.

Window Cleaning

Using cleaning products to clean the inside of your windows and remove any dust and markings on glass.


This may include assistance with washing, drying, ironing and changing bed linen.

Meal Preparation

Assistance with food shopping, preparing meals, cooking meals and feeding if required.

Repairs to your home

We can assist with general home repairs and maintenance such as fixing taps, oiling door jambs and repairing holes in walls.


Assistance with weeding, pruning, edging, mowing and the removal of rubbish.


The installation of handrails may provide assistance for you to move around your home safely.


The installation of ramps may assist with areas normally required to climb steps, particularly for those who are unsteady on their feet or use a mobility aid.

Changing Lightbulbs

Providing assistance to change your lightbulbs in a safe manner.


We can assist with grooming including hair, makeup, dressing and shaving.


We can provide assistance with your hygiene needs, including bathing and showering.


Assistance is available to ensure you are able to access a toilet as required, including hoists and toilet aids.

Skin Integrity

Hydration techniques and diet, including the use of topical creams for moisturising.

Mobility & Dexterity

Assistance with mobility & dexterity aids, including hoists and other strategies such as therapy and exercise.


We can provide companionship to you either in a one on one or group setting – the choice is yours.

Accessing Support Groups

Access to the support groups you have interest in, including the provision of transport and companionship to attend.

Recreational Activities

Regardless of your hobbies and passions, we will ensure you have the ability to access these.

Spiritual Care

We will ensure your spiritual needs are met by providing access to participate in any manner you choose.

Dementia Care

We will provide dementia related support to you and your loved ones, including respite as required.


We have access to qualified and professional interpreter services that are available to you as required.


Assistance is available to help you source an appropriate counsellor and gain access to the counsellor through transport and accompanied options.

Palliative Care

We are able to provide the necessary care to you in your home, regardless of what stage of life you are in.

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How can I access services with Comlink Australia?

Recognising you need a little help and reaching out for it can be daunting. We simplify the requirements and bring the opportunities to you, making the whole process a lot easier.

To access our aged care and community care services, you will need to be registered and assessed by the Australian Government’s centralised contact centre known as My Aged Care. If you are not currently registered, we can help you through this process. Call Comlink Australia today on 1300 761 011 to speak to one of our friendly staff, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

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In home care
Home care recipient Patsy smiles in her garden
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In home care
Home care recipient Patsy smiles in her garden
older woman sitting at table having tea