ComLink Welcome’s Our First Home Care Package Client For Hervey Bay

October 18, 2019
man standing on his deck smiling at the camera

Care Coordinator Natalie Schiffke had the pleasure of chatting with our first Home Care Package (HCP) client for Hervey Bay, Roger Jennings.

Roger lives with his wife Jean and they have an adopted dog named Tank who visits daily from next door. Roger and Jean adore Tank and think of him as their very own family, nearly like a grandchild.

Roger is a retired safety specialist and spends his spare time at the Z-Pac Theatre in Hervey Bay as the Facilities Coordinator and a Director. Roger and his family are very theatre orientated and this allows them to spend some of their spare time together.

A typical day for Roger is reading, working on his computer and cooking. Roger is unable to assist with any physical duties around the home anymore due to a previous accident which left him in chronic pain.

Roger and Jean built and moved into their home in Hervey Bay in 2005 and enjoy the freedom, independence and personal choice it allows them. They refuse to discuss or think of ever moving into permanent care unless it was an absolute necessity for their health and welfare.

Roger found ComLink by “shear serendipity” in his own words, and chose ComLink to become his service provider as from the moment he spoke to the girls in the office over the phone and his first in home visit to discuss the services, they were a “breath of fresh air”. ComLink also were able to explain all the “Government stuff” as he calls it.

ComLink services have benefited Roger by taking the stress off, maintaining his in-home general cleaning duties and yard maintenance as he is unable to physically. Roger stated, “the assistance from ComLink with my Level 1 Home Care Package and the difference it had made to him and his home was brilliant!”

Roger wrapped things up with his personal motto, “don’t let the bastards grind you down and never take life to seriously!”

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