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July 15, 2020
Home care recipient Patsy smiles in her garden

Patsy Home Care Package client Comlink Australia

I’m 85 years old and I’ve recently had a bit of bad luck with my health lately, but I am so glad I have my Home Care package with Comlink Australia and I am so happy with them.

Throughout my cancer radium treatment, the transport team have been taking me to appointments as well as the girls from the home care team visiting every week to help me. To tell you the truth I don’t think I could have done without them.

Comlink Australia staff are marvellous and the team who come and help in the house are wonderful, the drivers are so kind, and I can talk to them as if I’ve known them all my life. Throughout my treatment the drivers have always been on time and never late and they always put my mind at ease as I knew I could trust them. I feel like they are a part of my family too.

I have four children and their partners, and I feel as though I not only have them, but I have Comlink Australia too and I don’t feel alone.

I had been married for 62 years and when my husband and I arrived on the Sunshine Coast over 20 years ago we both had perfect health. But things have changed and since my husband passed away recently it has been a very sad time for my family and I. But thanks to Comlink Australia they did everything they could for us, and they helped me out so much that I never felt alone.

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