Portraits of the Past

February 4, 2020
a pile of old portraits

Catching up with friends and family always presents a wonderful time to share life’s stories and captured memories. Taking the opportunity to build these stories into a memoir can often be overwhelming, but well worth the effort to share your stories and reminisce.

Everyone has a story to tell, or perhaps a great love story to share, particularly with Valentine’s Day on the horizon. And often when we share these snippets of our lives, we can create great interest from our family for knowing more about our history and life experiences.

Writing a memoir can often sound like a daunting task however ComLink clients taking part in the ‘Portraits of the Past’ workshops are discovering a rewarding and guided course equipping them with the skills and tools to capture their own life stories.

Pam Wood, ‘Portraits of the Past’ workshop facilitator has a long history in editing and publishing industry and enjoys working with people and guiding them in capturing their own stories. “Everyone has a unique story of passions, achievements, family and love and our workshops make the story writing process easy. No writing experience is necessary as we can help record your story and capture photos to build your memoir” said Pam.

There are a few simple tips to follow if you are looking to capture your own life story or memoir. These include:

  1. Tell your stories aloud to friends and family and build the skills of structuring a well told story.
  2. Be specific with details when capturing memories- saying “my daughter loved dolls” whilst this is true, by adding further details “my daughter loved classic dolls, the ones with pretty dresses and tiny accessories” builds a detailed picture.
  3. Use memory triggers- these can include photos, certificates, clothing and keepsakes.
  4. Gather stories- catch up with relatives, friends and family to chat through events and memories.

All these tips can be put into practice when attending the ‘Portraits of the Past’ workshops with spaces still available for the next workshop. Call ComLink on 1300 761 011 for more information on being apart of this workshop.

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