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Welcome to Comlink Australia

It’s our privilege to provide you with support that’s as individual as you are.

We take the time to get to know you, your passions, your goals, and what you want your life to look like – then we help you to make it happen.

Comlink Australia supports your welfare in your home and community. We consider it a privilege to collaborate with you and your loved ones to offer quality service for a life on your terms.

Our mission is to support you with community transport, home care and social support services so you can remain at home and thrive in place.

Home Care

The support you need, on your terms.

At Comlink Australia, our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

When you choose Comlink Australia, you will partner with a dedicated and passionate team who will make you feel valued, appreciated and understood.

We work with you to create a Home Care Package that is tailored to your own personal needs and aspirations.

Talk to our friendly team today about how we can support you to live your life, your way.

Community Transport

Keep getting out and about safely and with confidence.

We understand how important it is to keep active and engaged in your local community. When you choose our Community Transport you are in the safest possible hands.

Comlink Australia is one of Australia’s largest and safest providers of door-to-door community transport. Our fleet includes qualified, experienced drivers and premium vehicles with wheelchair and hoist access.

Whether you need to attend a medical appointment or go shopping, our Community Transport will get you there, safe and sound.

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Social Support

Stay connected and enrich your life with Comlink Australia.

Our social support services can assist you in maintaining social connection and help you to continue to participate within your community.

You can enjoy a delicious lunch with friends at a local restaurant, attend an exercise class to boost your fitness, or go sight-seeing on a mystery tour!

Whatever your interests, you’ll find a social outing to suit.

What's on locally

Find an event in your area

Stay in the place you love

You want to stay in your home and community, and we are passionate about helping you do just that.

Get involved

There’s no better feeling than brightening someone’s day!

Are you seeking employment or volunteering opportunities that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of older Australians? Comlink Australia has just what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s your next career move, or a way to give back to the community for a few hours a week, joining your local Comlink Australia team could be a great fit.

Explore the exciting ways we can work together.

Our heritage

We are passionate about your independence and wellbeing...

With over 30 years of service, Comlink Australia, your trusted home care provider, is here for you. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to our clients, our staff, and the betterment of aged care in Australia.

Our services help you live independently in your home yet remain well connected to your community. Our friendly team ensures your complete well-being and supports you to maximise your potential. We offer in-home care, social support, and transport services to keep you independent yet connected.

We are with you every step of the way!

Our heritage

We are passionate about your independence and wellbeing...

With over 30 years of service, Comlink Australia, your trusted home care provider, is here for you. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to our clients, our staff, and the betterment of aged care in Australia.

Our services help you live independently in your home yet remain well connected to your community. Our friendly team ensures your complete well-being and supports you to maximise your potential. We offer in-home care, social support, and transport services to keep you independent yet connected.

We are with you every step of the way!

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Meet Greg

Meet Greg, one of our friendly drivers at the forefront of connecting clients with the exceptional Community Transport services we provide. Working with Comlink Australia allows him to earn a living by doing what he loves most—helping others.

Greg cherishes the chance to interact with clients, gaining insights into their lives and providing support to those with special needs. He also values the camaraderie among his teammates, appreciating their support and the excellent training provided by management.

And let’s not forget the perks—driving through the beautiful Sunshine Coast in well-maintained vehicles is just the icing on the cake for Greg.

“With Comlink Australia, every day is an opportunity to make a difference and enjoy the journey.”

Meet Patricia

Meet Patricia, a vibrant 89-year-old from Bundaberg, and former Gympie office worker before embracing retirement. Now settled on the Sunshine Coast since 1996, she cherishes her independence. For over 15 years, she’s been part of the Comlink Australia family, immersing herself in our social support programs.

From Craft Group to Ageless Grace and ShopConnect, she thrives on the friendships formed through group creativity, exercise, and assisted shopping. Patricia’s story embodies the spirit of community and the power of connection!

“Comlink Australia’s wonderful Community Transport Drivers and Lifestyle Assistants make the excursions fun for all attending!”

Meet Beryl

Meet Beryl, a cherished client of Comlink Australia, whose vibrant spirit illuminates every event and outing. Originally from England, Beryl ventured to Australia with her husband, driven by the allure of adventure. Despite the loss of her husband in 2019, Beryl remains surrounded by love, with her supportive family and faithful dog, by her side.

Actively participating in Comlink Australia’s Social Support programs, Beryl embraces her passions, from painting to crafting. Her philosophy echoes her resilient outlook:

“One day at a time…you can’t do anything about yesterday and tomorrow’s not here.”

Meet Lesley

Meet Lesley, aged 88, a seasoned healthcare professional with a rich background in nursing and management. Originally from Central Otago, New Zealand, Lesley relocated to Brisbane six years ago and joined Comlink Australia after overcoming the challenges of a cerebral haemorrhage. Despite facing mobility challenges in recent years, Lesley enthusiastically embraced participation in our Paper Planes Intergenerational Play program. 

Astonishingly, within three weeks, she discarded her walker and walking stick, crediting the program for her newfound confidence and enhanced mobility! Today, she attests that the Paper Planes Intergenerational Play program not only benefits children but also significantly contributes to the well-being of senior participants, exemplified by her own remarkable progress. Lesley remains an inspiring testament to the positive impact of this innovative initiative.

“You’re never too old…take me, for instance!”

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Deborah Dixon

Executive Client Services

“I am inspired to pioneer a new way forward, challenging the way we think about aged care, and inviting you to reimagine a world class system for ageing in place. To lead with grace, creating environments where true participation can co-author our new story together”

Deborah is a dynamic leader driven by a passion for making a meaningful impact in people’s lives. With extensive experience in operations management, business transformations, and strategic programs, she continuously achieves success. Deborah’s strategic insight enhances workplace productivity and fosters exceptional quality of life outcomes for clients. 

With over a decade of leadership in community aged care services, Deborah’s journey began with a genuine desire to forge meaningful connections with elderly Australians. As a compassionate advocate, she believes in dignified aging, ensuring access to the highest standard of care for every individual. Deborah envisions a future where older Australians are empowered, independent, and connected, living their best lives to the fullest.

Michael Goulding


“I am motivated most by ensuring a thriving Comlink Australia exists sustainably for many years to come. I greatly appreciate the importance of independence, personal dignity and choice as we age, and believe the delivery of Comlink Australia’s compassionate, reliable and effective care and transport services to our elderly community is a necessity”

Michael is an accomplished Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Services Manager with a proven track record in the hospital, health, and aged care sectors. With years of hands-on experience, Michael has honed his expertise, becoming a valuable asset to Comlink Australia.

As our CFO, Michael leverages his proficiency in data modelling and business intelligence to drive organisational growth and efficiency. His keen eye for budgeting ensures optimal resource allocation, leading to improved financial performance.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Hons) in Finance and Accounting from The University of Salford, Michael navigates complex financial landscapes adeptly. His risk management skills safeguard the organisation, while his ICT proficiency ensures seamless technology integration for operational productivity. Michael’s commitment to supporting his team and collaborating with stakeholders ensures regulatory compliance and secures funding for future growth.

Dirk Britz


“I am motivated by knowing people feel safe. With respect to the aged care sector, this safety aspect aligns with the power that community-connection provides elderly people. I am proud that Comlink Australia’s services discourage isolation and loneliness, instead promoting opportunities for elderly members of our community to remain living their best lives as independently as possible.”

Dirk Britz, our Chief Operating Officer at Comlink Australia, is a seasoned leader renowned for his achievements in the health, wellness, and fitness sectors. Passionate about fostering high-performing teams and driving innovation, Dirk is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Throughout his career, he has championed positive change, guiding professionals to reach their full potential and creating dynamic, motivated teams. 

With a solid academic background including a BA in Human Movement Science and Business Management from the University of the Free State, Dirk combines his expertise in operations management with a deep understanding of human potential. His qualifications from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Harvard Business School further enrich his strategic approach. Dirk’s commitment to Comlink Australia’s vision of supporting clients to live and age well aligns perfectly with his belief in the importance of health and wellness across all generations. 

As COO, Dirk’s compassionate leadership drives our organisation’s mission forward, ensuring we achieve our goals while making a positive impact in our clients’ lives and communities.

Liam Mayo

CEO & Managing Director

“I believe that the measure of the success of a society is how well it ages, how it supports and cares for people as they age. I also believe that this is all about culture, and that Australia needs to reimagine what it means to ages in our homes and in our communities. I am proud to be leading this conversation at Comlink Australia.”

Liam, our CEO and Managing Director at Comlink Australia, is deeply committed to driving meaningful social change. He envisions a future where Australians live and age with dignity and trust, reimagining traditional approaches. Liam’s approachability is evident as he actively engages with clients, families, staff, and volunteers, gathering feedback and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

With a doctorate in sociology, Liam’s expertise in futures thinking and social change has earned him recognition as a sought-after speaker for both corporate and community audiences. He shares his insights through publications and serves as a guest researcher at Radboud University in the Netherlands, a lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and a Senior Fellow with the Centre for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies in London. Liam’s personable leadership style and dedication to collaborative decision-making make him a trusted advocate for positive change within our organization and beyond.

Sharee Webster


“I am passionate about my community and giving back; I love being involved with this organisation whose mission it is to help people to age well in their own homes and communities.”

Sharee Webster, Manager of Holmans in Maroochydore since April 2007, is a Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland. She holds certifications as a Chartered Tax Adviser from the Taxation Institute of Australia and is a Registered Tax Agent.

In July 2016, Sharee obtained her Diploma of Financial Planning, becoming a licensed Financial Adviser. Specialising in business structures, taxation advice, and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), Sharee provides strategic tax guidance to private clients, family businesses, and corporate entities.

Formerly Treasurer of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network for six years, she also served on the Board of Directors of the Buderim Community Enterprises Limited, trading as the Buderim Community Bank ® Branch of Bendigo Bank, for six years. Sharee is deeply embedded in the local community and brings a wealth of experience to her role.

Elaine Jobson

Board Chair

“I am passionate about embracing a holistic approach to healthy ageing where movement, good nutrition and a sense of community are recognised as key elements to ageing well. We aim to pioneer a paradigm shift in our industry, redefining the standards of healthy ageing.”

As our new Chair of the Board, Elaine Jobson strategically positions Comlink Australia at the forefront of the healthy ageing sector. With extensive experience in health and fitness, including leading the management buyout of Jetts Fitness, Ms. Jobson brings invaluable expertise to this role.

As we redirect our focus towards becoming an industry leader, Ms. Jobson’s global experience in fostering great cultures and cultivating exceptional leaders will be instrumental in driving ongoing success. Under her leadership, we aim to mitigate the impact of age-related illnesses and create a supportive environment for seniors, promoting physical, mental, and social health.

Elaine’s vision includes a holistic approach to healthy ageing, emphasising exercise, nutrition, and community engagement. With her guidance, we are set to revolutionise healthy ageing, improving the well-being and quality of life for older Australians.

Tim Robson

Board Director

“I’m driven by being involved in effecting positive and meaningful change to people’s lives. I strive to make a positive difference in my community, our country and hopefully one day throughout the world by supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people and communities.”

Tim is passionate about effecting positive change in people’s lives, from the local to the global level. With expertise in corporate governance for non-profits, he advises senior management and boards, while also supporting the growth of commercial enterprises. Tim’s experience spans large-scale project management, small business development, and providing governance advice to various organisations.

As the Managing Director of a Queensland-based consulting firm, he balances his professional responsibilities with community involvement. Tim serves as an Executive Director for Five Bridges Ltd, a not-for-profit Indigenous organisation, and has held leadership roles in professional and community associations. A member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, Tim holds a Masters in Commercial Law, a Bachelor of Business, and a Diploma of Project Management.